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Ceramic Plate - Moon | Deleurde

Ceramic Plate - Moon | Deleurde

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Discover the “Moon” plate
: an artistic creation that combines minimalism and brilliance.
The “Geo” plate offers a unique interpretation of contemporary design, captivating the eye with its distinctive aesthetic and sophisticated allure. Its crisp white color serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase its innovative geometric shape.
In the center of the "Géo" plate, a smooth, flat circle attracts attention, offering a striking contrast with the subtle details that adorn the edge. Small, regularly arranged holes are reminiscent of lunar craters, creating a feeling of fascination and mystery.
This plate is more than just a tableware, it's a conversation piece, a functional work of art that transforms every meal into a captivating visual experience.
Product Features :
Material: High quality ceramic
Color: Bright white
Design: Smooth and flat round center, edge decorated with small holes evoking lunar craters
Ideal for: Adding an artistic touch to your table

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