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Ceramic Plate - Zenith | Deleurde

Ceramic Plate - Zenith | Deleurde

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Discover the “Zenith” plate
: a harmonious fusion between elegance and originality.
The "Zenith" plate embodies the quintessence of contemporary design, combining simplicity and innovation with a touch of refinement. Available in deep black or pure white, it adds timeless sophistication to your table, whether for a special occasion or an everyday meal.
What truly distinguishes the "Zenith" plate is its interior decorated with small features, similar to rays of sunlight emanating from the center. These closely spaced lines create a captivating aesthetic, evoking the vitality and energy of the rising sun. Whether you opt for the small or large size, each plate provides a unique backdrop to present your culinary creations in style.
Product Features :
Material: Ceramic
Color: Black or White
Sizes available: Small or Large
Design: Interior decorated with small features evoking rays of sunlight
Ideal for: Adding a touch of modern elegance to your table

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